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Amethyst birthstone necklace

It’s that time of year again. All those romantics out there who wait all year round for this month, we feel the same way here at Nissoni. Love is in the air, and February is just bursting with romantic energy. Of course February birthstone jewelry being amethyst will be found at very reasonable prices. Lovely I would even say. The amethyst birthstone necklace is a very fitting way to say I love you in the month of February. Amethyst birthstone actually comes from the Greek word amethystos translating to ‘sober’. During this time of love we want to reorient ourselves to incorporate the loved ones we have. We can get so carried away and distracted and forget to sober up a little bit and see clearly those we love. So take some time this month and remind those you love with a amethyst birthstone necklace how you really feel about them.